Why Andalucia Is A Top Travel Destination For Young Adults

Andalucia is not just one of the most beautiful places to visit in Spain, but also a suitable destination for every type of traveller. No matter what you are searching for from your holiday, Andalucia can satisfy even the pickiest traveller. With hundreds of kilometres of golden sand award winning beaches, the highest mountains in continental Spain, a fantastic cultural heritage, and the most delicious food, Andalucia is without a doubt a top travel destination in Spain, catering for solo travellers, families, couples, or groups of friends. In Andalucia you will find relaxing time at the beach, adventure, fresh mountain air, cultural city breaks and unspoiled nature.  

Andalucia is a unique place to visit, where the different cultures blend in beautifully with the modern life. Most of the people know that Andalucia is the best place in Spain to learn and see the Moorish architecture and heritage. But not only, as the region is also home to some incredible Roman ruins, and also to artefacts from the Phoenicians – the first inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula.

Many young adults come to Granada to study in one of the most vibrant cities of the county. The city attracts each year thousands of students who come here either to learn Spanish or to teach English over their summer holidays. Either way, they choose this city because of its vibrant lifestyle. Some students, in order to enjoy the city more, are looking for help with their homework, which they find though the “write paper for me reviews”.

What makes Andalucia such a great destination for young travellers?

We already established some of the best reasons to visit Andalucia. Now, let’s talk about what makes this beautiful region one of the top destinations in Spain, chosen by hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

The Varied Landscape

Not many places can proud themselves with having beautiful beaches, tall mountains, ancient forests and bare deserts. No matter what time of the year you visit Andalucia, there will always be something to do. Take for example winter, when you can ski on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains in the morning, and enjoy the mild temperatures of Costa Tropical, on a beach, in the afternoon. That’s because the proximity of the mountains to the sea creates an extraordinary eco-system in which the temperature doesn’t drop more than to 15 degrees, even in the coldest winter days.

If you love hiking, Andalucia offers some amazing trails. Take for example the Torcal de Antequera, a unique cast formation where you will feel that you are on a different planet. Or the famous Caminito del Rey, once known as one of the most dangerous cliff walks in the world. However, since then the path has been completely renovated and it’s more than safe to attempt.

Whilst Costa del Sol has some of the most popular beaches in Andalucia, we recommend you heading over to either Costa Tropical or Costa de la Luz, for an authentic Spanish experience. The dunes from Tarifa will make you think that you are in the Sahara Desert, and not in Spain.  

The Tasty Food

Spain is famous for tapas, the bite size dishes served alongside drinks – free of charge if you are in Granada and its region. Andalucia is famous for its fresh fish, so a lot of the traditional tapas will include the local anchovies or seafood. Inland, the tapas are based on meat, mostly pork.

Each region in Andalucia has its own traditional local dishes, and in order to taste them all, you will need to spend a long time in the region. You will find the best food in the small, less touristy villages, where everything is cooked from scratch.

The most famous dishes in Andalucia are based on the boqueron – a meaty anchovy that lives in the Alboran Sea. The boqueron can be marinated in lemon and deep fried in olive oil, can be grilled over an olive tree fire in the chiringuitos on the beach, or it can be marinated in Jerez vinegar and served as a tapa. No matter how you have it, it will be delicious.

The Flamenco

It is very hard to explain what flamenco is, as it is not a dance, and it is not a type of singing either. Flamenco is an art that you feel, and the best way to experience it is by attending a show in either in Sevilla or in Granada. It is believed that flamenco was born in Sevilla, but in Granada you can experience the show in one of the caves from Sacromonte area of the city.

Flamenco is passionate, it’s a performance that will go through so many emotions. Sometimes, you can find ad-hoc flamenco performances in the square of the mirador San Nicolas, in Granada.

If you are looking for an intimate performance, check out the penas of the city you are visiting. These are simple places where the locals gather to practice this art form.

The Night Life

It is not a surprise that the clubs around Marbella and Puerto Banus are sought after by party goers. In fact, Marbella is one of the top stag do destinations in Spain, and many groups of men and women come here to celebrate the last night of celibacy. It’s not just Costa del Sol that parties though.

Malaga is an extremely vibrant city, one that never sleeps. Walking at 3AM in the centre you will find plenty of party goers still dancing and singing on the streets.

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