Boris Usherovich Attended AI Tech Summit 2024 in Málaga, Spain and Revealed Its Key Topics

The stage at the AI tech summit in Malaga. It is blue and purple, and there is a white robot on the stage

From the 17th to the 18th of April, the Trade Fair and Congress Centre of Málaga hosted the second edition of the AI Tech Summit, organised by TBM.

Evolution Group in partnership with Tesla and sponsored by Freepik and Telefónica Tech. The event attracted about 900 technology enthusiasts, artificial intelligence experts, and industry leaders from various sectors, who arrived to explore the latest advancements in AI. Boris Usherovich was among the participants and would like to share some insights.

Usherovich credited TBM Group for the impressive list of panellists the organiser attracted. “Frankly speaking, I was surprised to see speakers of this calibre at the comparatively new event. The conference was very well organised, and discussions were really engaging,” he said. Among the speakers who shared their views on the prospects of AI and talked about its current applications in different industries were leaders from Huawei, Microsoft, FC Barcelona, Accenture, Spotify, Uber, Renault, and other global companies.

Usherovich was impressed by the attention given to ethical considerations associated with AI, which were discussed during both days of the conference. As AI takes a more significant  role in decision-making across numerous industries, this brings forth more ethical concerns about privacy, fairness, bias, discrimination, responsibility, and the role of human judgment in AI projects. The participants also explored the impact of AI on the job market and new strategies addressing cybersecurity risks and issues with personal data protection.   

Usherovich was excited to attend sessions examining AI use cases in various areas, including sports, fashion, transportation, automotive engineering, manufacturing, and more. He noted that the attendees had a unique opportunity to understand the impact of AI on the economy and society, explore innovative solutions, learn about the latest trends, and gain valuable insights from leading minds in the field.

Besides, he emphasised the importance of networking opportunities at the conference and expressed confidence that professional connections built at the event would open doors to many promising collaborations. Usherovich lauded AI Tech Summit 2024 as a transformative and ethically responsible platform contributing to technological advancement on a global scale. 

The following AI Tech Summit is scheduled to take place at the beginning of October in Skopje, North Macedonia.

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