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How to Make Spanish Tostada – The Typical Spanish Breakfast

Breakfast in Spain is the lightest meal of the day. It is very common to go out for breakfast, some of the most popular places being the cafes attached to petrol stations. And I’ll let you in on a secret, these places make the best breakfasts and lunches in Andalucia, maybe even in all of […]

How to Make Traditional Andalucian Boquerones al Limon (Fried Anchovies Marinated in Lemon)

Boquerones al limon is a traditional tapa in Malaga, enjoyed all over the province in restaurants and beach bars. The boqueron is a large blue fish, between 9 and 12 centimetres long, fleshy, found in the Alboran Sea. Practically a bigger anchovy – there are over 140 different species of anchovies in the world, did […]