Is Malaga Worth Visiting? A Local’s Recommendations 

An aerial view of the Cathedral in Malaga and its tower, against the backdrop of the city

Malaga is the gateway to Costa del Sol, with most flights arriving at the local airport. Many people however choose to skip Malaga and travel straight to Granada, Sevilla, or Cordoba, hiring a car directly from the airport. Is Malaga worth visiting, you may ask yourself and indeed curious, if you’ve landed on this article. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting the Cordoba Patio Festival – Fiesta de Los Patios

This year I decided spontaneously that I want to visit the Cordoba Patio Festival. It was two weeks before the festival when I booked the Alsa bus from Malaga to Cordoba, and started to get excited for this experience. Whilst my May was already full, It also occurred to me that I don’t have the […]

How to Visit Colomares Castle in Benalmadena – Everything You Need To Know

A view of the castle from one of the towers you can climb to. The part that resembles the Santa Maria ship is on the left, whilst the Castilia gate is on the right.

Colomares Castle is a fairytale hidden gem in Andalucia, a place where you would expect princes and princesses to show up at every corner. Located in the village of Benalmadena, the Colomares Monument is a must visit if you are interested in discovering a quirky attraction on Costa del Sol. Even if it’s called “Castillo […]