The Holy Week Seville: Celebrating Easter in Seville

Easter in Seville is both a joyous and sombre celebration for locals but for a visitor it is an unforgettable experience. The deeply religious city residents shake off the winter months and come alive to remember The Passion and death of Jesus and to celebrate His resurrection.  Semana Santa in Seville is famous throughout Spain […]

A Complete Guide to Vegan Food in Andalucia

The food in Andalucia is full of flavour, with delicious fish dishes on the coast and hearty meaty stews in the mountains. That doesn’t mean though that there is no or little vegan food in Andalucia. On the contrary! You don’t have to look for vegan paella on the restaurants’ menus, as the vegan Mediterranean […]

The Holy Week Malaga: Celebrating Easter in Malaga

Easter and the Holy Week in Malaga are an unforgettable experience.  Catholicism runs deep in Malaga and the whole city comes alive to remember the death of Jesus and to celebrate the resurrection.  The celebrations that take place during Holy Week in Malaga are famous throughout Spain and visitors flock to the city from all […]

The Most Beautiful White Villages Near Seville

The sun-drenched white villages near Seville are perched on steep mountain sides, a strategic ploy of the Moors, who founded them. Mostly situated at vantage points high up on the slopes for protection from invaders, these villages now portray the traditional way of how people survived in a stunning but hostile environment. Today, as these […]

Things to do in Seville in Winter Recommended by a Local

Visiting Seville in winter is a great idea, especially if you don’t like crowds and you like to explore the city without too many other people around. Plus, Seville in winter is relatively warm and has plenty of sunny days. It makes a fantastic winter sun escape from the rainy, snowy, and cold central and […]

Things to Do in Malaga in Winter Recommended by a Local

Visiting Malaga in winter is a great idea, especially if you are looking for warm weather and sunny skies. Living here for the past few years I can tell you that Malaga is definitely worth visiting in winter. Malaga makes a fantastic winter sun holiday destination because of the mild temperatures, no crowds, and the […]

Everything You Need to Know about the Caminito del Rey Walk

My first encounter with the Caminito del Rey walk was about 15 years ago. Back then, there was this terrifying video circulating around, with a very brave (or maybe insane?) man, walking on broken planks, on the side of a cliff, a hundred meters about the ground. Underneath, there was every fear of heights person’s […]