The Most Instagrammable Places in Mijas Pueblo [With Map]

Mijas Pueblo is one of the most accessible white villages in Andalucia, only a 30 minute drive from Malaga. It is also one of the prettiest villages, with white houses decorated with blue pots containing red flowers, narrow cobbled streets and traditional family run restaurants that are waiting to receive their guests with a warm welcome.

When you visit Mijas Pueblo for the first time you can’t help but wonder if this village is made for photographers. There are so many Instagrammable places in Mijas Pueblo that your followers would love to see.

Without any more introductions, here are my favourite photos spots in Mijas Pueblo. I have also added a map at the end of this article, which you can save on your mobile phone for easy navigation through the village.

How to get to Mijas Pueblo:


If you are driving a rental car, getting to Mijas Pueblo is super easy. From Malaga, take the A7 motorway towards Algeciras. When you approach Fuengirola and the motorway splits, follow the toll road and use the first exit – which is free. Continue driving up the mountain on the A368 for 5 more minutes and you’ll arrive at your destination.

If you are traveling by public transport, there is a direct bus from Malaga bus station (M-112) which runs very often during the summer. In winter, there are significantly less buses, so another option would be to take the C1 train from Malaga to Fuengirola and then jump on the M-122 bus to Mijas Pueblo. You can check the M-112 schedule here and the M-122 bus schedule here. The C1 train runs every 20 minutes. Either way, the total time to reach Mijas Pueblo from Malaga would be around one hour.

Where to Park in Mijas Pueblo:


Mijas Pueblo has one of the best multi storey parking in the entire Andalucia. Do not consider parking anywhere else other than the public parking, because the streets in Mijas Pueblo can get very narrow and the driving experience won’t be pleasant, especially if you are driving a rental car. Been there, done that, and I still don’t know how I got out without scratching the car.

The public car park in Mijas Pueblo costs 1 euro a day, and it’s very well signed posted from the entrance to the village. 

The Prettiest Streets in Mijas Pueblo

Calle Calvario

Tucked away in the upper part of the village, Calle Calvario is one of those secret photo spots in Mijas Pueblo. This quiet street is where you will find one of the most beautifully decorated houses in Mijas Pueblo. Hundreds of geraniums in red flowerpots decorate the walls, the arches, and the terrace of this beautiful house.


Calle San Sebastián


Calle San Sebastián is one of the main streets that connects the centre of Mijas Pueblo with the upper parts of the village. The white houses on each side of the street, together with the cobbled stones on the ground, complete the rustic atmosphere that you will only find in a Spanish village.  Many people stumble across Calle Sebastián on their way to one of the popular restaurants on this street, or to the Wine Museum, which is halfway through.

Calle Muro


Calle Muro is home to one of my favourite houses in Mijas Pueblo. The owner of this house seems to have a passion for plants, as there are so many pots with colourful flowers decorating not only the balcony but also the staircase. Of course, the walls have not been forgotten either, with pink plants growing happily in blue flowerpots.


Walking a bit further down the road, towards the centre of the village, you will stumble upon someone’s red Vespa moped parked outside the house. Wear red and you will have the perfect photo opportunity in Mijas Pueblo. 

Paseo de la Muralla


There are many beautiful spots where you can stop for that perfect Instagram picture in Mijas Pueblo, from the lovely botanical gardens to the panoramic views of the white houses.

Plaza de la Constitución


Plaza de la Constitución is a small square with a stone fountain in the middle, surrounded by local shops and restaurants. Even if there is plenty of hustle and bustle around it, the square itself is perfect to stop for a moment of relaxation. Just sit on a bench and do a little bit of people watching.

The fountain and the benches in the square have a story of their own. In 1884 Mijas Pueblo suffered one of its most dramatic events. At 10 in the morning, during heavy rain, a landslide occurred from the mountain above, covering the village in rocks and mud, killing people and livestock and flooding the village. The fountain and the benches in Plaza de la Constitución were built with the stones which were dislodged from the mountain by the water, as a commemoration memorial for the people who lost their lives.

Eremita de la Virgen de la Peña


You will find Eremita de la Virgen de la Peña on the opposite side of the parking lot. It is one of the most visited monuments in Mijas Pueblo because of its legend and also because it is sculpted inside a rock.

The Eremita is a tiny chapel with a statue of the Virgen de la Peña, hidden in the walls of the old castle in Mijas Pueblo during the Moorish occupation. The Virgen de la Peña is the saint patron of Mijas Pueblo.

Calle Algarrobo


Another hidden photo spot in Mijas Pueblo is located just off Calle Algarrobo, down a staircase leading to Plaza Virgen de la Pena. Here you will find a small balcony with pretty views over the square. Just below it is Mayan Monkey, the local chocolate factory where you can make your own chocolate bar, visit their museum, or have a delicious ice cream.

Cutest Cafes in Mijas Pueblo

La Boveda del Flamenco


La Boveda del Flamenco is probably one of the most photographed restaurants in Mijas Pueblo. With its cute blue umbrellas and red tablecloths, this local establishment serves cheap drinks and sandwiches. It has a few tables outside and a couple more indoors, so, if you see an empty table don’t hesitate to sit down. Despite its Instagrammable look, La Boveda del Flamenco is a cheap, cute, family run café. It is a very popular breakfast place among the locals. 

The Secret Garden


The Secret Garden is another lovely photo spot in Mijas Pueblo. Tucked away on Calle San Sebastian, you would never believe what a beautiful garden is hidden inside. Having dinner here is particularly lovely, especially in the evening when they turn on the fairy lights in the trees above.

La Bodega del Pintor


Can you say no to sitting down on these gorgeous chairs to take a photo? La Bodega del Pintor is a great little tapas bar, away from the busy centre of Mijas Pueblo. The staff are very friendly and the food portions large. They also have a patio out the back, which is painted to resemble a bull ring.

Restaurante El Mirlo Blanco


For the ultimate romantic experience, head over to Restaurante El Mirlo Blanco and book a table on the terrace. Overlooking Plaza de la Constitucion, their terrace is shaded by grapevines, and decorated with red flowerpots.

The restaurant is family run, has lovely staff and specialises in upscale Spanish cuisine. It is considerably more expensive than other restaurants in the area, but the high quality, flavoursome dishes they serve are well worth it. 

Restaurante Triana


For gorgeous views over the main square in Mijas Pueblo, check out Restaurante Triana. This cheap tapas bar has its entrance almost hidden, midway through a staircase leading to the artisan market in the village.

This is a lovely place to enjoy an afternoon drink together with a couple of home-made tapas, whilst looking down at the square below. The staff are welcoming and always try to accommodate their customers. After a long hike to Pico de Mijas, my friends and I arrived here after the kitchen had closed, but the waitress still managed to make us two delicious tapas platters.

Lovely Shops in Mijas Pueblo

The cutest shops in Mijas Pueblo are those selling souvenirs and ceramic products. Pottery is a traditional craft in Andalucia, dating from the Neolithic times.  It is still thriving today because of its use in decorations.

Ceramic tiles, plates or flowerpots are lovely souvenirs to take home with you from your trip to Andalucia. Usually the motifs are colourful, bright, and happy, bringing a bit of that Mediterranean joy into your house.
Here are some of the shops that you must visit during your trip to Mijas Pueblo, if not to buy, at least to take a photo. 

La Biznaga


La Jarita


1, Calle Cuestra de la Villa


Exposición Artesanía de España


Regalos Vista Mar


Beautiful Viewpoints in Mijas Pueblo

Muralla Gardens


Muralla Gardens offers the best viewpoint in Mijas Pueblo, in my opinion. From here you can see a beautiful panorama of the coast, and sometimes on a clear day, even the mountains in Morocco.

The gardens are actually the remains of the wall of a Moorish fortress which was built on the edge of the mountain. One of the towers is still standing, and you can climb it free of charge.

Eremita del Calvario


If you fancy a little bit of exercise, at the upper part of the village there is a path leading to Eremita del Calvario, a little chapel open only for Easter. The views from here are spectacular, overlooking both the village and the coast below. This is the perfect Mijas Pueblo photo spot from where you can take a bird’s eye view picture of the entire village.

This is also the starting point for other hiking trails, such as Pico de Mijas.

The Parking


As soon as you exit the parking lot you will be welcomed by two gorgeous panoramas: one of the white village standing above Plaza de la Virgen de la Peña, and one overlooking the mountains and the coast, on the opposite side. The parking area has been built straight into the mountain rocks, which is pretty cool as well. 

On the top level you will find the famous donkey statue. Just between us, there are copies of this statue all around Mijas Costa, but shhh nobody knows that. It is imperative that you take a photo whilst sitting on the statue, and not the real donkeys, which are used as taxis for tourists. There is an entire controversy about the way these donkeys are treated, so please, do not choose to ride them. Better jump on the statue for a picture, it’s more fun than contributing to animal tourism.

Mirador del Compás


Another beautiful viewpoint of Mijas Pueblo is Mirador del Compás, in front of Eremita Virgen de la Peña. This is a great place to hide away from the scorching temperatures of summer too, under the shade of the palm trees. There is even a little café here where you can enjoy a refreshing drink. 

Map of the photo spots in Mijas Pueblo:

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