The Best Views of Malaga

Whenever my friends visit me in Malaga, I always take them up Mirador de Gibrafaro to admire one of the best views of Malaga. They all loved it and thought it was one of the highlights of their trip.

There are many beautiful viewpoints in Malaga, and Mirador de Gibralfaro is just one of them. As a photographer, I am always looking for places from where I can take perspective photos of the cities I’m visiting. Living so close to Malaga, I have plenty of time to wander around the streets and find the best viewpoints in the city. And in this article, I am going to share them all with you. 

Mirador del Gibralfaro

I am standing in the middle of the photo, looking over the city below from the viewpoint. I am wearing red short jeans, white trainers and a dark blue tshirt.

Mirador del Gibralfaro is without a doubt one of the best viewpoints in Malaga. From here you can observe a beautiful 180 degrees panorama of the city, the mountains beyond, the harbour and the coast. The viewpoint is reachable by foot, but be warned, the path up is steep and slippery. It is worth it though, as once you reach the top you will have one of the most beautiful views of Malaga right in front of you. There is also a bus that goes up, but I always walk the path. You can take bus 35 from Paseo del Parque near Plaza de la Marina and in 15 minutes you will be up the hill. A bus ticket costs 1.2 euros.

If you forget to bring water, like I always seem to do, there is a small kiosk further uphill, just in front of the entrance to the Gibralfaro Castle, where you can buy refreshments from.

This is a great place if you are looking to spend some romantic time with your other half, especially during sunset. If you have only one day in Malaga, you can’t miss this viewpoint.

The Walls of the Alcazaba

The city hall in Malaga seen from above, between trees. The atmosphere is a bit hazy, with a light smoke coming up from above the city. The sea and the harbour are on the left hand side of the photo, whilst the city is on the right.

Alcazaba is Malaga’s old Moorish fortress. It might not be as popular as the Alhambra in Granada, but it is worth visiting because of its 110 towers, still standing. The Alcazaba was built in the 6th century, on the old ruins of a Roman bastion. Inside you will find patios and gardens, which make a very relaxing stroll.

Tip: Visit the Alcazaba on a Sunday at 2pm and you will be able to join a guided tour, free of charge. For more free things to do in Malaga, click on this link

The Rooftop of the Cathedral

A close up of the Cathedral seen from above

One of the best views of Malaga is from the rooftop of the Cathedral. When you visit the Cathedral, buy a combined ticket that will allow you to go up to the rooftop as well as inside the building. To get to the roof you have to climb around 200 stairs, but it is well worth it.

The Rooftop of the Cathedral can be visited by night as well, which will give you a different perspective over the city.

A ticket to visit the rooftop costs 6 euros, whilst a combined ticket with the interior of the Cathedral included costs 10 euros.

Paseo Maritimo

A panoramic view of the touristic harbour in Malaga. On the left hand side there is a big ship, a ferry crossing over to Morocco.

Not all the best views of Malaga have to be from high up. One of the most picturesque viewpoints in Malaga is the Paseo Maritimo, where you will find many great restaurants, boutique shops, and even a brewery. In summer, there is a lovely artisan market here too.

Follow the touristic harbour past the Centre Pompidou towards Malagueta beach, and just across the water a beautiful panorama of the city will start revealing itself to you.

The Terrace at Hotel Molina Lario

Not many tourists know about the beautiful terrace of Hotel Molina Lario. From here you have a gorgeous panorama of the Cathedral in Malaga and the old town. The terrace is small, but it does feature a pool and beautiful views of the city.

You can come here to have a drink and admire the view even if you are not a guest at the hotel.

If you do want to stay at this hotel, you might want to read the reviews on Tripadvisor, or check the latest rates on Booking.

The Terrace at AC Mariott

A photo of the park in front of the touristic harbour, seen from the hotel across the street.

The most iconic viewpoint in Malaga is the rooftop terrace of the AC Mariott Malaga Palacio Hotel.  You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to have a drink with a view here, but they don’t allow external guests all the time, so it’s always best to call in and ask at the beginning of your trip to Malaga.

Most evenings you can go without any issues, but if you plan on visiting during the day, the terrace might not be available due to private events, or guests sunbathing by the pool. Yes, there is a pool up there too.

If you do want to stay at this hotel, you might want to read the reviews on Tripadvisor, or check the latest rates on Booking.

Parador Hotel

Parador is an extremely romantic hotel which has the most gorgeous views over Malaga, especially at sunset. When you stay here you can book a room with a view, or, an intimate dinner on their terrace with views over the city and the sea. Parador is located higher than the Alcazaba, so the view is even better than the one from Mirador del Gibralfaro.

This hotel is a great choice if you are planning a romantic weekend in Malaga, even more so if you are looking for a special place to propose to your fiancé.

If you do want to stay at this hotel, you might want to read the reviews on Tripadvisor, or check the latest rates on Booking.

The Rooftop Bar at Alcazaba Premium Hotel

The terrace in the middle of the day, without other people around. There are some white couches and cubes to sit on, on the left hand side. In front there are some tall colourful stools next to the glass edge.

Another great place to take in the views of Malaga is the rooftop bar at Alcazaba Premium Hotel. Located on the busy Calle Alcazabilla, nestled between two restaurants, the entrance to this hotel is quite small and you could miss it if you’re not careful.

You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to enjoy a drink on the rooftop bar. However, do come here early if you would like to be seated, otherwise you will have to enjoy your drink at the bar.

From this rooftop terrace you can see the walls of the Alcazaba, the Roman theatre and the touristic harbour.

If you do want to stay at this hotel, you might want to read the reviews on Tripadvisor, or check the latest rates on Booking.

Extra: Pico de Mijas

I am standing on top of the mountain, looking at the white clouds coming up from below. I am wearing black trousers, green shoes and a white tshirt.

If you would like to explore the areas around Malaga and are keen on doing a bit of hiking, I highly recommend hiking Pico de Mijas, not only to experience the beauty of the mountains, but to also get a chance to walk around Mijas Pueblo, which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful villages in Andalucia.

Hiking Pico de Mijas will likely take the entire day, so make sure you are starting early. The earlier you head over to the trail, the cooler the temperature will be. I did this hike in February and by lunchtime it was already very hot. Also, make sure to bring plenty of water with you as there is no water source on the trail. It will take around 4 hours to reach the top, and 3 to get down – with a relaxed pace.

From the top, you will have a beautiful view of Malaga and the entire coast. The peak is home to a meteorological station around which there are a few places where you can relax and have a picnic before starting your descent back to Mijas Pueblo, where you can then enjoy a well deserved dinner at one of the many great restaurants in town.

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